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Last updated: 04/03/09

Current Rides

This is Chuck’s 1959 Champion Champ. She’s quite the Cadillac of Champs. It started life as a 7FC Tri-champ (yuck!), was converted to a 7EC and some 40 hours later totaled out in a windstorm. A friend, Mike Foote bought the the project that had switched hands several times in 14 years and put her back in the air in 2 years time. He flew her for the first time in ‘97 and took the plane to Osh, winning the best in category. The plane has full electric, a 90 hp engine and 26 gallons of gas. That means that I can start her on the ramp and go slow for a long time, but what a blast, my kids love her.

This is Chuck’s 1963 P model Bonanza. The plane is a ball to fly cross country. Plenty of leg room and avionics. This is the Nuffer family station wagon.

This is a picture of Chuck’s Champ next to Mike Foote’s beautiful 2000 Hatz Classic. Mike won the coveted Grand Champion Plans built Gold Lindy with this plane. The Hatz and the Champ can be found flying to breakfast and visiting sod strips in Kansas on a regular basis. Both plans are a tribute to Mike’s skills as a restorer and aircraft builder. On top of that Rick got his private and instrument rating with Mike as the CFI.

This is Rick’s 1964 S model Bonanza. I shot this picture with his partner flying her off my right wing while going to breakfast one morning. This plane is a BEAST! She flat out moves and with 120 gallons on board makes it from KC to Sun-n-fun nonstop!